Our Approach

Sisu Skate

Sisu Skateboards is my new skate company founded by me, Jake!  It all starated when I was 7 with playing Skate 3 and watching the Bob Burquist Dreamland video!

Our Story

Our Story

When I was, I went to a friends house and we started playing Skate 3. I found that skateboarding and learning all the names of the tricks was really fun in the virtual world...Then my dad showed me the Dreamland video and from then on I haven't stopped skating!! I told my dad I wanted a FLIP board and he said he would get one if he got a bonus. Well, dad got his bonus and I got my deck and the rest is history!!

Skate Team



Founder & CEO

Skate Kid!!




Takes pics and keeps the parks clean!!

We hope you enjoy our pics and videos!!